Pray Today!

21 Apr

Pray. Because somewhere in Arizona right now, today, this very moment —

A discouraged pastor is contemplating quitting the ministry.

A teen-age “church girl” wants to get an abortion because she’s afraid her parents will get angry with her if they find out she is pregnant.

A Christian businessman is thinking about embezzling from his employer to feed his gambling habit.

A church is under spiritual attack.

Junior high and high school students are mentally tuning out the church.

College students are walking away from their faith because they were never taught how to defend it.

A mother is discouraged and feeling alone.

A teen is thinking about suicide.

Someone is have a crisis of faith, doubting God.

A marriage is crumbling.

The Body of Christ is bickering.

Temptation is everywhere: to view pornography, do drugs, drink excessively, engage in destructive behavior.

Pray for your spouse. Your children. Your grandchildren. Your pastor. Your church. Your community.

Talk to your loved ones today. Be IN their lives. Never cease praying.



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