Leading Scholars Uphold Bible, Identity of Jesus

1 May

We are living in a post-modernist age of growing unbelief and apostasy. A large share of the blame for that lies with those perpetuating academically dishonest “scholarship.” All kinds of wild claims about the life and identity of Jesus and the reliability of the Bible are misleading people. Here’s what some of the leading biblical scholars are saying about this problem:

Craig Evans, professor of New Testament at Acadia University, found “daring theories that run beyond the evidence, distortions or neglect of the four Gospels, misguided suspicions, unduly strict critical methods, questionable texts from centuries, anachronisms, exaggerated claims, and hokum history” all resulting in “the fabrication of an array of pseudo-Jesus.”

“We expect tabloid pseudo-scholarship from the quacks but not from scholars who teach at respectable institutions of higher learning. “

“When put to the test, the original documents hold up quite well.”

“Just about every error imaginable has been made. A few writers have made almost all of them.”

James Charlesworth, professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary, called today’s liberal claims on Jesus and the Bible: “the misinformed nonsense that has confused the reading public over the past few years.”

James D.G. Dunn, professor emeritus at the University of Durham, United Kingdom, said: “The quest of the historical Jesus has been seriously misled by much poor scholarship and distorted almost beyond recognition by recent pseudo-scholarship.”


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