Good News!

16 Sep

Sermon Notes from Red Mountain Community Church, Mesa, Pastor Bob Fox

Scripture: Romans 6: 15-23

Here’s a question for all who have believed that Jesus died for their sins and so are forgiven. Since I’m forgiven, why not indulge?

So . . . Why Not?

1. Sin can still enslave me, and its death spiral will take me far from God.

2. I can now become obedient from the heart and become increasingly righteous, with all its reward.

3. I can reverse the “Friday Night Syndrome.” I can intentionally engage actions and processes that produce change and soundness.

4. Sin ultimately produces a loss of dignity.

5. I’m better off giving myself to eternal things that have an eternal pay out.

Three important principles

1. Sin brings to us a just result—separation from God.

2. Through Christ, God always offers us an eternal quality of life absolutely free.

3. The good news remains good news to believers, about quality of life.


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