A Gem of a Life — A Tribute to the Late Frank Pastore

28 Dec

By David Wheaton, host of The Christian Worldview Radio Program

I could sense it when we first met about a decade ago: Frank and I had a bond.  Even though we were raised in very different families and even though we lived two thousand miles apart and saw each other only occasionally, our life experiences connected us on several levels.

Frank and I both grew up playing sports and both of us made it to the “major leagues” — he in baseball and I in tennis.  Both of us came to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord during our pro sports careers.  Both of us became hosts of Christian radio programs that discussed the issues of life from a biblical worldview.  Both of us were follically challenged and wore what remained of our hair close to the scalp (mine, however, not close enough for Frank as he would urge me to “Just Bic it!”).

Like I said, Frank and I had a bond.

I am going to miss Frank.  I know God has welcomed him into His presence and I rejoice in that, but I am going to miss his friendly face, his exuberant personality, and his passion for the truth.  I will miss him and yet I will always remember the gem that God created in His surrendered life.

God’s comfort and grace to Frank’s family and those who knew and loved him.


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