Former Christian Singer Who Once Warned of Persecution Now with Those Doing the Persecuting

12 Jul


A former Christian singer who once served in the role as a prophet warning believers of the coming persecution is now ironically aligned with those doing the persecuting. He’s Ray Boltz, the author and performer in the music video above, “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb.”

Boltz was extremely popular with Christians, who loved his music ministry about a faith seemingly as deep as the ocean.

This song is about a father’s last words to his young son before he is led away to be executed for his faith.

But Boltz has changed sides in recent years. He isn’t singing for the Christians anymore. For 30 years he had struggled with same-sex attraction. Finally he could resist no more. He claimed he was giving in to homosexual behavior because he presumed God had made him that way. And if God had made him that way, he would live that way.

So Boltz divorced his wife and now lives with a man in unnatural relations. He writes and sings songs advocating for same-sex marriage and complaining “don’t tell me who to love.”

In other words, he has pledged his allegiance to those doing the persecuting.

Today Christians in America are being persecuted for refusing to be compelled to participate in immoral and unbiblical activities like same-sex weddings. Their God-given, First Amendment guaranteeing free exercise of religion is being tossed aside by the Far Left and activist courts. With the most recent Supreme Court judicial activist outrage, the persecution is gaining warp speed.

Boltz’s fellow homosexual activists are calling for more punishment and more persecution. He’s no longer warning believers about persecution, no longer encouraging them to stand strong. He has exchanged the truth for a lie. He has called God a liar.

God never made anyone homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. Scientists confirmed 20 years ago that these behaviors are not genetic. Homosexual activist researchers Dean Hamer and Simon LeVay confirmed their 1990s era research, though politically motivated, never proved genetic sources. Three years ago LeVay told an audience at Michigan State University that he hasn’t even had his own research lab for over 20 years. Yet the left-stream media still perpetuates the lie of “genetic cause.”

Pray that God will open these people’s eyes to the truth.





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